Tendering for Care


TfC Membership offers a set of proven solutions and learning options which are suitable for providers of health, social, medical care and associated professional services tendering for public sector contracts.



  • Calls to tender and to bid in your areas of activity or specialism in health, social care, medical and/or associated professional and voluntary sector services, including "sub-threshold" contracts with total value of less than £625.050.00;
  • Calls to tender in selected areas of activity or specialism in a set of defined localities sent on Fridays and Mondays;
  • Calls to tender in selected areas of activity or specialism across the UK as published in the OJEU;
  • Weekly e-journals upDATE and Staying Ahead.

Annual Subscription

£450 + VAT = £540


All of the benefits of Gold Membership including six consultancy days to be used for any tendering or procurement related work, such as:

  • PQQ preparation;
  • Method Statement writing;
  • Reviews of policy to ensure compliance with tendering requirements;
  • Specialist research and reports for corporate and strategic planning;
  • Participation in staff discussions, meetings and conferences;
  • The use of webinar technology for remote attendance at meetings and discussions;
  • Support for the challenging of purchasers' decisions, including drafting letters;
  • Review of provider organisation management structures, for tendering purposes;
  • Help to develop a Business Continuity Management Programme;
  • Development of Performance Management Systems;
  • Help regarding public sector contracts.

Annual Subscription

£5,760 + VAT = £6,912

Individual service subscriptions may be purchased singly, in combination or to enhance silver Membership to create a set of Membership services which meet your requirements.

  • Weekly e-journals "Staying Ahead" and "UPDATE" - 50 weekly issues
    Annual Subscription £120 + VAT = £144
  • TfC Helpdesk - email/telephone for tendering and procurement related matters
    Annual Subscription £600 + VAT = £720
  • VEAT Notice - daily service is included in our Gold and Platinum packages
    As a stand alone Annual Subscription - £200 + VAT = £240;
    In combination with other Membership Subscriptions - £100 + VAT = £120

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